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Classes – Large Group

Each 45-minute class will be challenging but fun. You’ll be surrounded by other like-minded people working towards similar goals. Boredom? NO WAY! Every day is something different. We offer both cardio and strength to get and keep you fit, active and healthy while challenging you from your current fitness level. This allows you to succeed while giving you fast results that you’ll be able to see and feel.

On Monday, Wednesday & Friday our classes are all about strength & conditioning. These days we may use balls, bands, tubes, free weights, bars and/or kettlebells to build those muscles and help you see changes in your body quickly. We incorporate a full body workout each and every time, taking the guesswork out for you so you don’t have to wander around a gym confused or intimidated.

Mondays are FULL BODY with lots of conditioning and resistance for an intense “after-burn” calorie scorching workout. This is our “hurricane” and “energy circuit” day. Wednesdays have a lower body focus although you will still get some upper body and plenty of core work. Fridays we focus on the upper body while still incorporating some leg and glute work, as well as the core. Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll get to punch, kick and sweat your way through cardio kickboxing. Kickboxing is an aerobic workout that not only helps burn an impressive number of calories but also helps build strength, coordination, and balance while giving you a complete full body workout with a plethora of benefits. Saturdays are “bootcamp” day in which we mix it up and bring you a great metabolic workout each and every time!
Class Times:

  • Monday – Thursday: 5:30 am, 6:45 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm (NO 6pm Fridays)
  • Saturday: 7 am, 8 am, and 9 am (NO 9 am Memorial Day-Labor Day)
  • Sunday: OPEN Gym schedule varies


Choose personal training as a way to get started with an exercise routine, to achieve ambitious fitness goals, to rehab after an injury, to take you to the next level, for sport-specific athletic training or simply because you work hard and you want the best!

We’re dedicated to helping you be your best. We will match you with the right trainer for your needs, and help you to create a schedule that works for you. Choose one weekly session as an anchor workout to motivate and keep you accountable. Or, make it two or three times a week, and attack your fitness goals with a no-excuses coach dedicated to help you be your best.

An individualized program for you. The Class A Fitness trainer will create an individualized program for you based on your fitness goals. You will be assessed, monitored, motivated, and held accountable like never before. Personal Training is your BEST option for individualized maximum results.

We currently offer 45-60 minute sessions.



Allow your budget to stretch a bit further with our Small Group Training in Greendale.

Small Group Training will provide an intimate environment in a small group setting (3-5 people) where you can excel and take your training to the next level at a fraction of the cost of personal training. You will still benefit from world-class coaching, targeted programming to meet your personal needs, and ongoing accountability from your coaches and fellow group members. With SGT, you will learn to set goals – specific, measurable, attainable, and time-sensitive, to keep you on track.

Document your journey to a better you. Writing and journaling are essential for success. We will provide you with a workbook to use as a tool to document your journey to a better you. Some clients combine small-group training with private sessions or classes. This provides a nice variety of training, you still get the benefits of working with a coach, and you’ll allow your budget to stretch a bit further.

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Nutrition we believe in to help maximize your results.


Simplify your nutrition with Shakeology®, the Healthiest Meal of the Day®. Replace one meal a day with Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Greenberry, Chocolate Vegan, or Tropical Strawberry Vegan to help increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, and feel great. Shakeology is a nutritional protein shake that provides a wide spectrum of healthy nutrients in a low-calorie formula. Whether you use it as a meal replacement for weight loss or simply to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal health, Shakeology takes the guesswork out of nutrition.

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A snack bar you’ll crave, with a nutritional profile you’ll LOVE. BEACHBAR has 10g protein, 5–6g sugar, and just 150 calories. On a calorie-for-calorie basis, BEACHBAR has a higher proportion of satisfying protein and fiber compared to other popular bars. ** That’s key if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

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If your goal is to energize consider Advocare Spark®!
Spark® delivers energy and enhanced mental focus with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Spark® is a unique blend of more than 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy and balanced source of energy.* Spark contains an effective amount of caffeine to give you a quick boost, B vitamins to enhance your body’s natural ability to produce and sustain its own energy, and neuroactive amino acids that help increase your mental focus and alertness.

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An online group filled with motivation, education and all the support you need to reach your health and fitness goals from home. We LOVE seeing you at Class A Fitness. We KNOW that the energy, variety of workouts and accountability we offer at Class A Fitness changes lives. Hands down. However, we also know you are looking for ways to stay active if you don’t live in our area or when you can’t come to our gym. A Challenge Group is a private group that provides support and accountability towards your health and fitness goals. It is led by a coach but the real value comes in the community with others who have also committed to a Beachbody workout program chosen to best suit their goals.

By combining fitness, nutrition, support, accountability and community, a Challenge Group plays a significant role in helping participants achieve their goals! Each member receives individual attention, coaching, daily encouragement, accountability, a place to communicate struggles and victories, and a sense of community. I hold these challenges once a month in a small group so that I may give the best attention possible to each challenge and they run the first 14 days of each month. We check in daily on our nutrition, water, workout and the personal development which changes each month. Check-in isn’t required to participate but it’s strongly encouraged and there are even prizes for the most engaged participants!

Lifestyle changes are hard. It takes sticking to a new routine for 3-¬4 weeks before we see a habit developing. This is really hard to do on your own!! Most people don’t. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I’ve worked with many people outside of this type of environment. I’ve never seen near the success and adherence to a fitness regimen as I have seen in the context of this supportive avenue. Joining a community of like¬-minded people is crucial to your success. Knowing you are NOT alone is half the battle!

I believe and have witnessed these groups help set myself and many others up for long term success in ALL areas of life. It pushes you to become more of who you were meant to be. We know our fitness struggles aren’t so much because we don’t know the “what” and the “how.” We can go to Pinterest for cute workout routine graphics and healthy menus. We can search YouTube for great exercise circuits. We can lace up our sneakers and run out the front door of our own free will. But the reason we don’t do those things consistently is deeper. These groups dig into those places and help reveal what’s holding us back from being our best selves all around. It is here that we can come to terms with what has held us back in the past in order to let it go, grow and move beyond it in the future!

I must be your assigned coach, so if you DO NOT yet have a coach or account: CLICK THIS LINK AND CREATE A FREE ONE! If you do have a coach, reach out to them to see when their next group is. If you aren’t working with another coach, fill out the form below to see you might be a great fit for my upcoming Challenge Group! Together we will figure out the best program for your goals based on your current fitness level, past experience and interests.

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