In my almost 2 years at Class A Fitness, I have had TONS of people (friends, family, coworkers, strangers…) ask what makes Class A different from every other gym out there and typically I respond “You really have to experience it to understand…”

This is my attempt to put the experience into words…

Class A is a place I have laughed, cried, swore, made some really ugly faces, sweat, stunk and ultimately accomplished more then I thought possible of myself. It has fostered confidence, friendships and strength. It has completely changed my lifestyle to something maintainable for ME…but has done the same for so many others.

It is a place where members are accountable…but not by trainers’ sales commissions or club growth goals….members are accountable to each other. Each individual is a part of the working machine that IS Class A Fitness and THAT keeps people coming back.

Never have I experienced a gym where you want to show up because you know others are counting on you for motivation and at the same time, you know that when you are dragging, others around you are able to lift you up and keep you pushing further then you thought possible.

This is a gym where both teachers and members know your name, so many know your story and there is no judgment. All of us are on a journey with individual struggles, motivations and goals—but we have one thing in common—we are all part of a family that supports us without question through our troubles and our amazing transformations.

That is what makes Class A different.

~ Chloe S