10-Tips-for-Staying-on-Track-with-Your-Fitness-Routine-Class-A-FitnessYou’ve gotten into a consistent routine with your workouts. Congrats! Now, how do you keep that routine going?

Here are ten tips for staying on track with your fitness routine:

1. Get a workout buddy.

Showing up for workouts and classes with a buddy helps to hold you accountable. On the days your motivation wanes, you have someone standing by to encourage you to get to your workouts. And vice versa.

2. Mix up your workout routine.

Make sure that you include variety in your daily workouts. If you’re doing the same workout every day, it can become challenging to maintain your fitness in the future.

3. Find something you enjoy.

There are so many options when it comes to fitness. If you do not love an activity or class, then find something else.

4. Get the right gear.

If you’re not comfortable while you’re working out, it can hurt your consistency. Make sure you have good-fitting, moisture-wicking clothes that can perform well during your workouts.

5. Pack your gear the night before.

Any chance you have to remove a barrier from between you and your workout, take it. This includes packing your workout bag the night before. The next day, all you have to do is grab your bag and head to the gym. No thought needed.

6. Plan your meals.

Staying well fueled for your workouts helps you to maintain your drive to make it to the gym. Skipping a meal can cause a drop in your energy level resulting in a skipped workout.

7. Set personal fitness goals.

Define a clear purpose for your workouts. What results are you expecting to achieve? Setting specific fitness goals can keep you moving forward with your fitness habit.

8. Keep a workout log.

Creating a record of all the work you’ve done helps you to visualize all of your hard work. On tough days, it’s helpful to flip through your workout history and remind yourself of all you’ve done.

9. Be patient.

The results you seek won’t happen overnight. Keep your expectations in check, and be patient with yourself. Even on the days where you feel frustrated or disappointed, keep reminding yourself that if you’re patient (and stay disciplined), your results will come.

10. Bounce back from setbacks.

You’re going to have bad days and tough workouts. You’ll get sick, or you’ll need to travel unexpectedly for work. As soon as you can, get back into your regular workout routine.

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