Achieve-Your-Fitness-Goals-with-Proper-Recovery-Class-A-FitnessStarting a new fitness routine is exciting! Feeling motivated to get after your goals is a great place to be. However, it can be easy to focus all of your attention on your workouts and lose track of how your time outside of the gym also affects your fitness goals.

Proper recovery is an essential component of all fitness routines. Prioritizing recovery helps you make progress with your goals rather than setting you back.

Why is recovery important?

After pushing yourself to work hard during an intense workout, your body needs time to repair itself. In fact, the time spent recovering after a tough workout is actually where gains are made. If your body never has this time to rest and rebuild, you won’t be able to experience the benefits of your workouts.

How should I recover?

The best method for recovery will vary from person to person. However, the general idea is the same. Do things that will promote recovery for both your body and your mind. If you regularly do high-intensity workouts, make sure that you’re staying well hydrated and eating good, nutritious foods. Other recovery methods include stretching and foam rolling to prevent tight muscles groups and alleviate soreness.

How much rest should I be getting?

The amount of rest you take in between workouts will depend on your workout intensity. The best way to gauge the amount of rest that’s best for you and your body is to start small and then gradually ramp up both the intensity and frequency of your workouts. When you begin to feel like you’re starting your workouts more tired than you have in the past, this could be a sign that you need more time between workouts. Other signs that you may not be getting enough rest and recover are decreases in motivation, constant muscle soreness, injury, and even burnout.

Follow a workout schedule where you’re able to maintain your excitement about your workouts while making progress toward your goals.

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