Movement-Mindset-and-Motivation-Class-A-FitnessWhen it comes to your workout routine, there are plenty of options available offering various virtual classes. And yet, you might find that you’re struggling to stick with a consistent routine.

It could be because you’re surrounded by so many different distractions! And what you need more than a good workout is an accountability coach.

If you’re looking for more accountability in your workout routine, then joining a monthly health and fitness challenge might be a great solution. Class A Fitness is offering a monthly challenge to help you achieve your goals through movement, mindset, and motivation.

1. Movement

If you struggle with bridging the gap between your fitness goals and your daily workouts, this challenge can help you strengthen that connection. Rather than doing workouts that you think or hope will work, you have a knowledgeable coach programming workouts designed to get you moving while getting results. Your role is simple; show up and work hard.

2. Mindset

Your mindset has a significant impact on how you see and experience the world. Training your body as well as your mind can lead to significant improvements in your overall health and well-being. In our challenge, we will offer tools that are aimed at improving your headspace, which ultimately is where your overall wellness approach and life begin.

3. Motivation

Participating in a challenge provides ample support, accountability, and motivation. Not only do you get focused attention from an experienced coach, but you’re also surrounded by people who are all working toward similar goals. This challenge creates a setting where you can lean on others who will support your efforts while simplifying the process.

Registration is now open for Class A Fitness’s May MINDSET, MOTIVATION & MOVEMENT CHALLENGE. In this challenge, we’ll provide a supportive community along with one-on-one accountability to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Sign up or contact us today!