One of my friends was telling me a story about her 4-year old daughter.  They were at a store and my friend was looking through the racks of clothes when her daughter kept calling her name.

“Mommy… mommy… mommy…”

My friend casually said “yeah?” but kept looking through the racks.

So her daughter, clearly annoyed that her mom was not paying attention to her said, “appreciate me!”

When my friend was telling this story we shared a laugh and made a comment about how kids say the darndest things, but I kept thinking about it.

Of course my mind is always on the subject of health, fitness, and feeling good and I realized that my friend’s 4 year daughter was actually quite smart.

She was aware that her mom wasn’t really paying attention to her even though she responded to her.

“Appreciate me!”

I think this is what our body tries to tell us on a daily basis and we respond with a half-hearted “uh huh, sure whatever you say, dear”.

I get all the craziness of the health and fitness industry.  I mean it’s hard to stay on top of the latest fads, contraptions, and research.  You watch an infomercial and would swear that just by ordering the pill or machine… you’d see results.

Even the more traditional routes like a big box gym or at-home workout DVDs just don’t cut it.  You’ve been there and tried that – many times.  I’m probably preaching to the choir.

So anytime someone talks about health and fitness we sort of tune them out.  We give them the motherly response, “uh huh, sure.  Good job, honey.”

The problem though is that we want the results of being healthy, right?

We want to feel good, eat good food, move with less pain, not get winded when we go up a flight of stairs, and dare I say it… look good.

We want to enjoy our kids – like really enjoy them.  Run around, play tag, go to the beach and swim freely.

So we get stuck – and generally do nothing, but our body still screams at us “appreciate me!”

It’s one of the reasons that when I started Class A Fitness I vowed to do things differently.  I don’t care about the fads and I don’t bother you with them either.

We work together.  We appreciate what your body can do now and then add to that over time.  The idea is to appreciate your body and its abilities without injuring it or making you feel like you can’t do something.

In fact, my clients feel quite the opposite.  They’re often surprised at just what their bodies can do!