Awesome-Things-About-Being-a-Beginner-Class-A-FitnessBeing a beginner is awesome. Yes, it can be intimidating to try new things. But getting started with something new has so many great benefits!

Whether you’re learning to speak a foreign language, taking a class on how to build an app, or getting started with a new workout routine, here are three awesome things about being a beginner:

1. Your excitement and motivation level are high.

One of the best things about being a beginner is the level of excitement and motivation you’ll feel. Starting something new is fun and exciting. And once you’ve set some goals for what you want to accomplish in the future, you’ll also feel motivated to put in the work to get results.

2. You’ll notice when you start to improve.

When you’re a beginner, you might find that certain skills are so new that you need to put in a lot of practice to dial them in. And that’s more than okay! The great thing about starting from scratch is that you’ll notice when you begin to improve. Things that were challenging a week or a month ago will start to get easier as you learn and grow.

3. You experience what it feels like outside of your comfort zone.

Being a beginner gives you a chance to get outside of your comfort zone. As we get older, it gets harder to willingly sign up for things that make us uncomfortable. But putting yourself in situations where you are a beginner reminds you what it feels like to be new. You figure out that it’s okay to be uncomfortable and to make mistakes. As a beginner, the intention is never to do things perfectly. Instead, the goal is to take small steps that bring you closer to where you want to be.

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