Be-Patient-with-Your-Fitness-Goals-Class-A-FitnessWhen working toward a fitness or health goal, patience is important. And challenging.

Here are five ways to be patient with your fitness goals:

1. Plan out the necessary steps.

Once you’ve set your fitness goals, take the time to plan out all the necessary steps needed to accomplish them. Seeing the process laid out can help you be more patient as you focus on one small step at a time.

2. Set realistic expectations.

Once you have your goals defined and you’re laying out the steps to achieve them, make sure that you’re setting realistic expectations. If you expect results that are unrealistic (at the current time), then it will be easy to lose patience when you’re not improving as much as you expected. Setting realistic expectations for your timeline and ultimate results can help you stay patient and persistent.

3. Expect a few setbacks.

When you’re working toward a fitness goal, setbacks are inevitable. Something will likely happen that is outside of your control, that will affect your progress. If you’re not expecting to face a challenge and then one comes your way, it may make you want to entirely abandon your goal. But if you’re expecting setbacks as part of the journey, you can remain patient, find a way to continue on, and eventually achieve your goal.

4. Remind yourself that improvement takes time.

Being patient in any circumstance isn’t easy. And when you’re waiting for results or improvement, it’s tough to remember that the process takes time. There are no magic formulas or secrets to overnight success. But if you’re patient, disciplined, and committed, your efforts will eventually pay off.

5. Keep showing up.

On the days when you’re not sure if you’re still improving or getting closer to your goals, keep showing up. You show up every time you go to the gym or complete any small action that brings you closer to your goals. Stay committed, be patient; just keep showing up.

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