Ways-to-Beat-Workout-Burnout-Class-A-FitnessIf you’ve gone from feeling excited and motivated about your workouts to feeling a general sense of “blah,” it might have something to do with burnout.

While we all have those days when we don’t really want to work out, that feeling usually goes away. If it doesn’t, you might be experiencing workout burnout.

Getting burned out on working out can affect you physically and mentally. A few signs of burnout include:

  • You continue to put off or skip your workouts.
  • Your body is always tired.
  • You’re more irritated and moody.

Here are a few ways to beat workout burnout:

1. Listen to your body.

One way to beat workout burnout is to pay attention to how you’re body is feeling. If you’ve had a few days of really high-intensity workouts and you’re starting to feel run down, it’s probably a good time to take a rest day. Listening to your body and taking care of it as best you can will help you bounce back and even prevent feeling burned out in the future.

2. Mix up your routine.

Boredom and burnout tend to go hand in hand, so one way to overcome burnout is to mix up your routine. A lack of variety can lead to a lack of excitement. But by trying something new, like a different class or instructor, you’ll find new ways to challenge yourself and continue seeing results.

3. Build up gradually.

If you’re just getting back into working out, it can be hard to hold back. When you’re excited and motivated, it’s tempting to pile on the workouts because you’re feeling great. But eventually, without proper recovery, your workouts will catch up to you, and the symptoms of burnout will appear. To avoid this, give yourself time to get into a routine and build up gradually.

4. Recover well and take rest days.

When you’re chasing fitness goals, taking a rest day might be the toughest “workout” on your schedule. But it’s also the most important. Without rest and recovery, your body can’t rebuild itself and prepare for your next intense workout. Constant breakdown without any build-up is hard on your body and your mind. So make sure that you’re including rest in your workout routine.

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