Build-Accountability-into-Your-Workout-Routine-Class-A-FitnessWhether you’re working out at the gym, outside, or at home, here are a few ways to build accountability into your workout routine:

1. Stick to a schedule.

One way to build more accountability into your workout routine is by sticking to a set schedule. When you work out on the same days at the same time, it eliminates any question of when you’re going to work out. By having a consistent schedule, it’s easier to form a habit around getting in your daily workout and sticking to a plan.

2. Keep a workout log or journal.

Another way to increase workout accountability is by keeping a workout log or journal. Keeping track of your workouts helps build some structure and organization around your fitness goals, workouts, and results. It’s helpful to keep track of the workouts you complete and the days that you don’t work out so that you have a full picture of your workout history.

3. Build a support system.

One of the most successful ways to add more accountability to your workout routine is by building a support system. By recruiting a workout partner or two, you have a reliable source of motivation and encouragement. On the days that you’re tempted to skip out on your workout, your support system is there to keep you on track.

4. Set clearly defined goals.

To create accountability, it’s also helpful to set clearly defined fitness goals. Once you’ve set specific goals, you know exactly what you’re working toward, how you can measure your progress over time, and the plan you need to follow to achieve success.

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