There are lots of hard-lined health and fitness experts out there that believe nothing is needed to lose weight other than restricting calories and being more active.

I definitely believe they are 2 major components of weight loss as well.

But I’ve been around long enough to know that there are also hidden factors that can make all the difference in reaching your goals.

One of those hidden factors is hope.

Hope is the belief that things can change for the better.

I haven’t met many successful people that started out 100% hopeless. Each and every successful person I’ve met started with at least an inkling of hope.

You see, if we have zero belief that we can change, or that we can lose weight, or that we can be healthy… then we’ll never even try. Why would we?

When there is no hope there is no effort.

The magical thing about hope though, is that just a small ounce of it can make all the difference.

Think back to some of the difficult times in your life. Did you have a small bit of hope that things would be okay, that they would eventually work out for the better?

And they did, right?

Hope cannot be bought. It cannot be pounded into us.

Hope simply is. We either have it or we don’t.

One of my favorite things is talking with someone that’s interested in my services. I hear a lot of the same story because weight loss is on almost every one’s mind.

Parts of the story sound like this:

  • I’ve tried to lose weight so many times before.
  • I’m good for about a week or 2 and then I lose motivation.
  • I’ve tried every single diet under the sun, and some work but I can’t live my life only eating lemons and syrup.
  • I’m embarrassed at how many attempts I’ve made to lose weight and honestly I don’t even trust myself to do it this time around either.

You may wonder why I like this part so much. And here’s why…

I then ask “Why did you come in to talk with me today?” and that is when I hear things like this:

  • Well, I need to do something about my health/weight and you seemed like you really cared about your clients.
  • My friend/family member goes here and they’re like a whole new person both inside and out.
  • You seem different than everything else that I’ve tried.
  • It feels like you’ll actually help me in the journey as opposed to just giving me a workout/eating plan and calling it a day.

This is where I see that this person sitting in front of me will succeed. They have hope – however small, but they still have hope.

And I know that hope, together with a good program and the right mindset, can accomplish anything – including changing someone’s weight.

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