Change-How-You-Talk-to-Yourself-During-a-Workout-Class-A-FitnessHow do you talk to yourself during a workout? Are you pushing yourself to focus and work hard? Or do you compare yourself to other people in the gym? The way you talk to yourself affects your workout, your mindset, and even your daily life.

Here are a few ways to change how you talk to yourself during a workout:

1. Notice how you talk to yourself.

First, notice how you talk to yourself during a workout. From the moment you walk through the doors, what do you say to yourself? Is your self-talk positive or negative? Once you become more aware of what you’re saying to yourself, you can start planning ways to change it.

2. Accept where you are.

You might notice that you talk to yourself about where you should be or what you should be doing in the gym. Rather than telling yourself all the “shoulds,” start by accepting where you are right now in your fitness journey. You may not be where you want to be yet, but if you’re patient with the process, you’ll get there.

3. Focus on all that you’ve done (instead of what you haven’t).

As part of accepting where you are, shift your focus to appreciating what you’ve accomplished up to this point. Rather than thinking about how you missed a workout, focus on the three workouts that you did this week. Fixating only on the things you haven’t done can be hard on your mindset and motivation. Shift your thoughts to what you have done and experience a more positive mindset.

4. Do workouts that you enjoy.

If every time you step on the treadmill, your first thought is, “I hate the treadmill,” it’s probably time to find a different workout option. One of the great things about group exercise classes is that you get a great workout with a fun group of people. You probably won’t love every aspect of your workouts every single day. However, if you pick a fun activity, it can help you turn around some of your negative thoughts.

5. Find a good replacement “conversation.”

One way to eliminate some negative self-talk is by finding a suitable replacement. Many people have great success using mantras or repeating phrases throughout a workout. Short, concise phrases or even just a single word tend to be the most effective. If mantras aren’t your thing, another option is to focus on counting (in your head). Counting reps and rounds become like a mantra and replace any negative self-talk that wants to creep into your workouts.

Changing the way you talk to yourself is good for your workout, as well as your mind. You won’t eliminate all negative self-talk immediately, but if you keep practicing, then it will diminish over time.

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