Effects-of-Bodyweight-Workouts-Class-A-FitnessAt first, bodyweight training appears so simple that it’s easy to wonder if it’s even effective. It is! Training with your bodyweight presents a variety of benefits, including positive changes to your health and fitness.

Not only are bodyweight workouts effective, but they’re also convenient. So whether you’re working out in a gym, a studio, or at home, you know you’ll get a great workout using just your bodyweight.

Here are some of the effects you can expect from bodyweight workouts:

1. Improve Both Cardio and Strength

One of the benefits of a bodyweight workout is the ability to easily switch between movements that get your heart rate pumping (like burpees) and more strength-focused movements (like pushups). Switching between a variety of exercises that target both your cardio fitness and muscular strength makes for an effective and challenging workout. As a bonus, the constant variety makes the workout go by quickly, and mixing things up means you’re less likely to get bored.

2. Challenging for All Fitness Levels

In a bodyweight workout, you can make adjustments to suit your current fitness level. For example, you can make a workout more challenging by adding reps, doing more rounds, or modifying a movement. At the same time, you can decrease reps or rounds, or modify an exercise to fit within your abilities. The result is a workout that challenges all fitness levels.

3. Increase Core Strength and Flexibility

Greater core strength and more flexibility are two more advantages of bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight workouts tend to engage multiple muscle groups together. And, you might be using muscles without even realizing it – until you feel a little bit of soreness the next day. Many exercises require you to use your core to stabilize, leading to improvements in your core strength. In addition, using your bodyweight and moving through a full range of motions leads to increases in your flexibility.

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