Fitness-Work-in-Progress-Class-A-FitnessFitness is a work in progress. It’s not a destination or outcome. It’s like a skill that is constantly changing. Your fitness level is an individual pursuit, but sometimes we forget that there is no universal fitness level that we should aspire to reach.

Your fitness will never be a finished product. Here are a few ways to remind yourself that fitness is a work in progress:

1. Goal-Setting

One way to remind yourself that fitness is a work in progress and always changing is setting goals. Goals can transform a vague, arbitrary pursuit into something that’s clearly defined, measurable, and realistic. By setting personal fitness goals, you can create milestones that help you gauge your progress over time.

2. Trying Something New

Because your fitness is continually changing, you have the opportunity to find new ways to challenge yourself. One challenge is to try something new. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, mixing things up and trying a new workout class or movement can remind you that there are always new things to try or learn.

3. Working toward Consistency (Not Perfection)

There is no “perfect” level of fitness that exists. Rather than chasing the idea of perfection, work toward consistency. There is a lot to gain from creating a long-term fitness habit that allows room for growth while remaining sustainable.

4. Focusing on the Process

If you’re tempted to look at fitness as an outcome, you’ll most likely lose track of the importance of the process. Focusing on the process is how you make changes and improve your fitness. It’s the small daily actions that bring you closer to your goals. Rather than thinking about where you want to be, focus on what you can do today.

5. Avoiding Comparison

It’s hard, but don’t compare where you are on your fitness journey to someone else. Everyone is on a unique path, and if you focus too much on others, you can end up disappointed. Even when you’re making progress!

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