Get-to-Know-Class-A-FitnessClass A Fitness is more than just a gym. We’re a community of supportive people who come together for you to realize your potential and inner strength. We don’t have any secret formulas to success, but we deliver results. We’re always open and honest about the hard work that goes into accomplishing your goals. Our classes are something you’ll look forward to, and our coaches will make sure that your experience is both positive and encouraging.

Programs and Classes

Class A Fitness offers a variety of functional fitness programs to help make your daily life easier. We provide efficient and effective classes to work with busy schedules. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce pain, boost energy, manage stress, increase flexibility, or compete at a high level, we want to inspire and support you.

Here are a few of the programs Class A Fitness offers:

Fit 101

Fit 101 is a large group class that’s both challenging and fun. If you find that you easily get bored with working out, then this class is perfect for you. Every workout will have something different to provide you with a full-body workout. We focus on both cardio and strength to improve your fitness and get results.

Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training program provides a more intimate environment with a small group of 3-5 people. You’ll benefit from superior coaching, personalized programming, and accountability from your coaches and fellow group members. Take your training to the next level with goal-setting, workout tracking, and journaling. With SGT, you’ll get the benefits of working closely with a coach while stretching your budget further.

Personal Training

Personal training is an excellent option if you’re looking for a program that’s individualized for you. Class A Fitness will match you with the right trainer based on your fitness goals. To yield maximum results, your trainer will help keep you motivated while holding you accountable. Schedule sessions based on your schedule and personal health and fitness goals.

Class A Fitness in Greendale makes it easy for you to get started. We offer a free, no-risk, and no-obligation trial offer where you can come in and try our personalized group training for a week. See for yourself why Class A Fitness is your best choice for fitness in the Greendale area.