Choose-Group-Fitness-Classes-in-2020-Class-A-FitnessWhen it comes to achieving your 2020 fitness goals, your first decision is probably going to be deciding which route to take. Will you work out solo, sign up for personal training, or choose group fitness classes?

With so many options available, it can be tough to figure out the best option. The good news is, you really can’t go wrong. But it’s helpful to find the best fit for you and your goals.

If you’re still deciding, check out these reasons to choose group fitness classes in 2020:

1. Motivation

Working out in a group can be much more motivating than going it alone. You can draw motivation and positivity from fellow athletes, as well as your instructor or coach. Plus, if you know a friend or workout buddy goes to a certain class, you’re more likely to show up and be accountable to that person, and vice versa.

2. Variety

Group fitness classes include a well-structured workout where you’re guaranteed to get variety and not get bored. People who work out on their own tend to fall into the same routines. The consistency is great, but not mixing up the routine can lead to fitness plateaus where you stop seeing results.

3. Community

Joining a group fitness class means joining a community of like-minded people who are excited and motivated to become the best versions of themselves. Attending group fitness classes is a great way to expand your social circle and meet new people. You’ve already got fitness as a common interest, so sparking up a conversation with a stranger is less intimidating.

4. Technique

When taking a class with a coach or instructor, you have their help to ensure that your form and technique are correct, no matter what exercise you’re doing. Smaller group classes can even feel similar to a personal training session with a lot of guidance and attention. With proper form, you should notice fewer injuries and better results over time.

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