Make-Mobility-Exercises-Part-of-Your-Routine-Class-A-FitnessMobility training plays an essential role in preventing injury, moving efficiently, and keeping your joints healthy. No matter what your fitness and performance goals may be, setting aside time during your week to work on mobility will have a positive impact on your workouts.

The goal of mobility exercises is to improve your joint range of motion and function so you can move better. Mobility exercises take your muscles, tendons, and joints through the entire range of motion. And as you gain more movement, you’ll see improvements in your strength, fitness, and performance.

Here are a few reasons to make mobility exercises part of your routine:

1. Prevent Injury

Keeping your muscles and joints moving well together can help to prevent future pain or injury. Any injury that takes you away from your workouts can be frustrating to deal with. Injuries can make it so you can’t train or force you to modify movements or your regular training schedule. However, making mobility exercises a priority, and taking the time to do them multiple times throughout the week can help you prevent a potential injury.

2. Move Efficiently

Limited mobility limits your range of motion. Which means your body isn’t able to move as well as it could. For example, if your hips are tight, then your movements can be limited by your lack of mobility. You might be working out at a deficit – not because of your fitness level but because of how much your body can or can’t move. Your movements are going to be more impactful with a full range of motion, ultimately producing better results.

3. Joint Health

Mobility work maintains healthy joints. A good time to include mobility exercises in your training is part of a warm-up. Before a class or workout, mobility exercises warm up your joints, so you’re adequately prepared to train. Warming-up sends blood to your joints where there is fluid to help create smooth, gliding movements.

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