Make-a-Workout-Comeback-Class-A-FitnessIf you’re ready to get back into working out, here are a few tips on how to make a successful workout comeback after an extended break:

1. Figure out your “why.”

As you’re getting back into a regular workout habit, think about what caused your extended break. Be honest with yourself. Was it a long vacation? An injury? Lack of time? Figuring out the “why” behind your break can help you prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

Once you understand the why, then it’s time to focus on the why behind your comeback. Why is it important that you re-establish a workout routine? Figuring out why you want to make a change can significantly increase your chances of re-building a sustainable workout habit.

2. Set SMART goals.

Once you’ve figured out your “why,” the next step is to set some SMART fitness goals. Kicking off your comeback using the SMART goal framework increases your chances for success.

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

Specific – clearly define your fitness goal
Measurable – include a way to measure your progress
Achievable – make sure that your goals are realistic
Relevant – your goals fit in with your lifestyle and you’re excited about them
Time-Based – include a timeframe with a deadline

3. Start where you are now.

If you’ve had a solid workout routine in the past, it’s hard not to compare your current fitness level to where you were in the past. And it’s really tempting to jump right into a workout schedule where you try to pick up right where you left off. While it’s great to be excited about getting started, doing too much too soon can lead to injury and soreness.

Rather than trying to get back to where you were in the past, start with where you are now. View this comeback as a fresh start. You don’t have to return to your old workout habits. Particularly if you didn’t enjoy your past workouts all that much.

If you’re not sure where to even start, then take this opportunity to try out some different class options. Find something that is challenging, motivating, and most importantly, fun. Something that you’ll want to stick with for a while.

4. Work out with a group.

Whether you choose to work out on your own or with a group is up to you. There are benefits to both. However, if you find that you struggle with sticking to a consistent workout schedule, then a group fitness option is a great solution.

You’ll meet a group of people who share your interests and goals. This group then becomes an incredible support network for you, especially as you’re re-establishing a workout habit. At the same time, an experienced instructor is there to guide you through effective workouts while holding you accountable.

At Class A Fitness in Greendale, we believe that the first step is the most important step. And we’d love to help you get back into a consistent workout routine. To learn more about our programs and how to get started, contact us today.