Presence-in-the-Moment-and-Fitness-Class-A-FitnessHow often have you found yourself daydreaming during a workout? Going through the motions while organizing your day, planning your next getaway, or wishing the workout was over. It happens to even the most seasoned athletes. It’s an ongoing challenge to overcome distraction and be present in the moment. Fortunately, techniques for success are easily accessible to anyone.

Here are some ways to maintain presence in the moment and fitness:

Simplify your thoughts.

In any given moment, your mind can jump from thought to thought, like flipping through channels on a TV. To remain injury-free and get as much as possible from your time in the gym, it’s important to settle the mind and be aware of every move you make. Often the best way to silence the internal chatter is to focus on the breath. Try to silently repeat, “I am breathing in, I am breathing out” as you inhale and exhale. With just a little practice, you can train the mind to pay attention to the task in front of you instead of thinking about what’s for dinner.

One step at a time.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when there’s a goal to accomplish. But thinking ahead to the results before taking your first step can decrease motivation. Seeing every action and each workout as a step toward a larger goal is part of a winning mindset. And finding joy in each step is even more powerful. Look at each small step as its own accomplishment, and soon you’ve surpassed what you set out to achieve.

Patience is now.

Patience requires presence. You have to be in the moment to allow space for yourself to try your hardest and sometimes fail. Awareness of where you adjusted for success or knowledge of where a misstep was taken requires a willingness to slow down and be patient with results. Thinking only of the present moment will give you the fuel you need to move past distractions on your way to feeling your best.

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