Start-Your-Day-with-Gratitude-Class-A-FitnessPracticing gratitude every day doesn’t take much time. Taking a few minutes each day to think about what you’re grateful for can help you feel more optimistic and hopeful.

Making a gratitude practice a part of your daily routine can lead to better sleep and improvements to your mental health. Here a few ways that you start your day with gratitude:

1. Keep a gratitude journal.

One way to start your day with gratitude is by journaling. Take a few moments of your morning to write down one, two, three, five, even ten things that you’re grateful for. On some days, you will find that it’s easy to think of what you’re grateful for. Other days, it will be more challenging. But committing to daily journaling, no matter how many acts of gratitude you might think of, is the goal.

2. Call or message someone.

Another way to start your day with gratitude is to call or send a message to someone. Let them know that you’re thinking about them. And if you’re comfortable, share something about your relationship that you appreciate. It’s a great way to start your day, and it will probably put a smile on their face as well.

3. Go for a walk or get in a workout.

You can also start your day with gratitude by going for a walk or getting in a morning workout. Taking the time to move your body can act as a reminder to appreciate your fitness and health. You may be working toward future goals, but it’s worth it to stop and enjoy where you are in your fitness journey. And acknowledge how far you’ve already come.

If your goal is to start each day with gratitude, great! Keep in mind that it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. If you miss a day, get back into your routine the next day. For any habit that you’re in the process of creating, missing one day doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

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