Elements-of-a-Successful-Workout-Class-A-FitnessHave you ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of your workouts? Here are a few of the elements that make up a successful workout:

1. Proper Warm-Up and Cool Down

Every workout begins with a proper warm-up and ends with a quality cool down. Taking time to warm-up is so important for your body. And it makes your workout more effective. Including dynamic movements in your warm-up greases up your joints and prepares your body for more intense work later on in your workout. Once your workout is over, take some time to cool down. Don’t just run out to your car and drive away. Post-workout is prime time for flexibility work, so take some time to do some stretching.

2. Functional Movements

Including functional movements in your workouts increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your training sessions. A successful workout includes movements for both your upper and lower body. Even better are multi-joint exercises. These functional movements are more likely to align with activities that you do in your daily life. So the fitness you’re building in the gym spills over and has a positive impact on your lifestyle.

3. Strength and Endurance

A well-balanced workout routine includes a focus on both strength and endurance. If you run three to five miles every day, it has a positive impact on your cardiovascular health. But you’re also missing out all the benefits that strength training contributes to your overall health. Or, if your workouts focus only on weight training, then you’re missing out on all the heart-healthy benefits of aerobic exercise. Make sure that you’re getting a mix of both strength and endurance.

4. Varied Intensity

If you train at the same intensity during every workout, eventually you will no longer see improvements in your fitness. If you always train at too low of an intensity, your fitness will either plateau or decrease. Training at too high of an intensity can lead to overtraining, injury, or burnout. The solution is to make sure that the intensity of your workouts has some variety.

5. Flexible Approach

While it’s good to develop a consistent workout habit, flexibility around your workouts is also important. If you show up for a workout and you feel like your body needs a break, then this might be a sign that rather than pushing full steam ahead that it’s time for recovery. Do your best to maintain a consistent workout schedule, but also recognize when you need to back off (or even push a little bit harder).

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