Build-a-Sustainable-Fitness-Routine-at-Any-Age-Class-A-FitnessNo matter how old (or young) you are, one thing remains true. If you put in the work and stay consistent, you will see results. But how do you form a consistent habit? You can develop a sustainable fitness habit at any age by doing the activities that you enjoy and by adding variety to your workouts so you won’t get bored.

Here are a few more tips on how to build a sustainable fitness routine (at any age):

1. Always Use Good Technique

When you’re in the middle of a workout, and your body is getting tired, your form will start to deteriorate. But if you keep pushing through with bad form, it can hurt you during the workout and in the long run.

Even if you could get away with iffy form on a few reps, don’t do it. Always maintain proper technique from the beginning of a workout to its end. If you’re not able to use food form during any exercise, find a modification or decrease your weight. Never compromise on good technique.

2. Keep Workout Intensity in Check

High-intensity interval training has its place in a workout at any age. But high-intensity isn’t the only intensity to focus on. Disregarding other or lower intensity levels in favor of high-intensity workouts leads to overtraining, lack of motivation, and injury.

You can keep your workout intensity in check by including more aerobic or endurance workouts, rather than all anaerobic. In addition, make sure that you’re including strength training in your workout routine at least two times each week.

3. Prioritize Recovery

A sustainable workout routine is made up of consistent, varied intensity workouts. And an additional part of this routine that’s often overlooked is recovery. It’s essential to take the time between your workouts to recover properly with nutritious food, hydration, quality sleep, and mobility work.

Staying well-fueled, rested, and moving well in between your workouts yields results just as much as the work itself. And when you’re getting proper rest, you’re able to sustain your workout routine well into the future.

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