Why-a-Good-Warm-Up-Matters-Class-A-FitnessHave you ever started warming-up before a workout and wondered, “Is this warm-up really necessary? Can’t I just get right to the workout?”

To put it simply, yes, a warm-up is necessary. And here are a few of the reasons why a good warm-up matters:

1. You prepare your body for high-intensity workouts.

One of the reasons why a warm-up is so important is that your body needs time to prepare. Ramping up your movements, your intensity level, and your pace gets your body ready for high-intensity workouts. During your warm-up, blood flow diverts to your working muscles, bringing oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, your body temperature begins to rise, and your heart rate increases, so you’re ready for high-intensity training.

2. You reduce your risk of injury.

Taking the time to warm-up and prepare your body for your workout reduces your risk for injury. Rather than going from zero to sixty, a warm-up allows your body to adjust to your movements. Your joints become looser, and your muscles have plenty of blood flow to move more efficiently and with less risk for injury.

3. You improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

Not only does gradually ramping up before a workout reduce your risk for injury, but it also improves the effectiveness of your workouts. By the time your workout begins, your body is already warmed up and ready to go. You won’t need the first few minutes of your workout to be ready. Instead, you can jump right into whatever your instructor has planned and get more out of your workout.

4. You practice skills and movements planned for the workout.

Your warm-up will often include the skills or movements that you’ll do later on in the workout. Practicing these skills first gives you a refresher on the movements. You’re more likely to move with proper form and not feel lost when you’re in the middle of an intense workout.

5. You get your mind ready to work out.

Most of the benefits of a proper warm-up are physical, but there are some mental benefits too. Walking into the gym after a stressful day can make it hard to focus on your workout. The warm-up gives you some time to transition away from your life outside the gym. You will shift your attention to your workout, and you might even forget about your to-do list for a while.

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