Why-HIIT-is-Popular-Effective-and-Convenient-Class-A-FitnessQuality over quantity. Rather than spending hours in the gym, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) offers an efficient alternative to structure a workout. This workout structure is so efficient that over the past several years, it’s grown in popularity. But it’s not just the time commitment that draws people to this type of interval training; it’s also really effective in helping you improve your fitness level.

Here are a few things that make HIIT so popular, effective, and convenient:

HIIT is Popular

You might have the best intentions to step up your game and commit to a consistent workout routine. But for a lot of people, you may feel like you don’t have the time available to make this happen.

The length of an average HIIT workout is probably one of the main reasons why it’s so popular. Most HIIT workouts last 30 minutes or less. For 30 minutes, you do short, high-intensity intervals followed by low-intensity intervals of rest.

HIIT is Effective

“Short intervals of extremely high-intensity exercise involving a lot of muscle mass require a tremendous amount of oxygen, during both the work interval and the recovery periods.” (ACE)
That oxygen requirement translates into burning more calories both during and after a workout. As long as you keep the intensity high when it needs to be, you can get a lot out of these shorter workouts.

HIIT is Convenient

HIIT workouts require little to no equipment and can happen just about anywhere. You don’t need access to a ton of equipment to get a great workout in; really, all you need is your bodyweight. The focus is really on keeping things simple and elevating your heart rate using only your body weight.

HIIT workouts can be intense, but at the same time, the workout can be modified to suit any fitness level. However, like any new fitness program, it is recommended that you get an okay by your doctor before beginning. Also, pay attention to your body. If you’re not careful with how quickly you ramp up your training, you can be at an increased risk for an injury. Start smart and modify as needed.

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