Get-More-Out-of-Your-Workouts-with-Recovery-Class-A-FitnessNo matter if your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, or prevent injury, the recovery time in between your workouts plays a significant role in your progress. Obviously, the work you put in at the gym is essential. But, good training extends beyond the gym with proper recovery techniques.

Here are a few simple recovery methods that can help you get more from your workouts and progress toward your goals:

1. Mobility

Taking time to work on your mobility will improve the range of motion in your joints and relieve tension in your muscles. The more your range of motion improves, the more you’re able to move and work out with greater efficiency. One way to improve mobility is with a foam roller. It’s a great way to roll out all the small knots in your muscles and connective tissue that have formed over time. Some people also include a yoga class or two in their workout programs to promote mobility and better movement.

2. Sleep

One of the best recovery methods is getting high-quality sleep. While you’re sleeping, your body repairs itself and recovers from stress. If you’re getting six hours or less of sleep each night, you may not be getting enough recovery time from your workouts, as well as from the stress of daily life. Prioritizing sleep is a significant contributor to making sure you’re well-rested and ready for your next workout.

3. Rest Days

Taking a rest day is sometimes the most challenging “workout” in your routine. It’s easy to think you’ll lose all that you’ve gained by taking one day off. But your body needs time to rest and rebuild. A day off gives you a physical as well as a mental break. And it goes a long way in preventing overtraining, injury, and burnout.

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