Make-Time-for-Cooling-Down-Class-A-FitnessJust as a pre-workout warm-up is necessary to prepare your body for a workout, the post-workout cool down is also important. As much as you might want to duck out of the gym once your workout is over, it’s worth it to take a few minutes to cool down.

Here are a few reasons to make time for cooling down:

1. Brings your body back to a resting state.

After working out, your body’s processes are ramped up. Slower movements, like walking, give your heart rate a chance to slow down and your body temperature to drop back down. On the other hand, stopping quickly or abruptly ending your workout without a cool down could cause dizziness and even nausea. Take some time to gradually bring all your systems back to a resting state or close to it.

2. Promotes proper recovery.

Cooling down allows your body to start the recovery process. Taking a few minutes after your workout to slow down, breathe, and stretch is also good for your mind. Your body needs to relax to rebuild after an intense workout, and that process begins with a post-workout cool down.

3. Opportunity to increase flexibility.

The best time to stretch and work on improving your flexibility is after a workout when your muscles are warm. The cool down is a great time to include some static stretches where you’re holding a stretch for fifteen to thirty seconds.

Here are a few suggestions on what to include in your cool down:

  • Take five to fifteen minutes to bring your body back to a resting state.
  • Keep moving or walking around until your heart rate comes down.
  • Include some static stretches to work on increasing your flexibility.
  • Breathe and let your body relax.
  • Drink plenty of water and refuel with nutritious foods.

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