Workouts-Reduce-Stress-Class-A-FitnessWe know that working out is good for us. Physical activity triggers a variety of reactions in our bodies that ultimately improve our physical and mental health. Specifically, one of the responses that’s affected by a workout is how we deal with stress.

Movement is a stress reliever. Even something as simple as a short walk during the day can help reduce stress. However, the benefits of your daily workouts become more pronounced with a consistent exercise routine.

Here are a few ways that your next workout can reduce stress:

1. Enhanced Mood

When you work out, your brain releases feel-good chemicals into your body. Those chemicals help enhance your mood and provide some short-term stress relief. Over time, exercise can decrease the number of stress hormones present in your body, offering sustainable stress relief. This long-term reaction may take longer to develop, but the effect is more prominent given a consistent workout routine.

2. More Mindfulness

When you start a new workout, it can take a little while to let go of your day. A lot of thoughts compete for your attention. Sometimes you might replay everything that’s happened so far. Or instead, you plan out what you need to get done in the remainder of the day. The more you can shift your focus to what your body is doing during your workout, the easier it becomes for that running to-do list to fade into the background. Your attention is only on your movements and your breathing – this is mindfulness. The more present and in the moment you are, the less stress you will experience.

3. Improved Sleep

Sleep, stress, and activity are all connected. Regular physical activity improves the quality of your sleep. And with better quality sleep, you experience less stress. Your body is better able to handle stress when you are well-rested. Aim for at least six hours of quality of sleep each night, but if you can squeeze in more than this your body will appreciate it.

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